Conception of Lavelle Denim

Lavelle Denim has been in the making since 2010. Around this time last year, I took a break from doing custom clothing and building a clientele in Chicago to really figure what was missing from my label. I knew it had to be something that had meaning and that was worth sharing with many people. That something was someone: my grandmother, Eva Lavelle Curd. This is the story of my grandmother's influence on my life and career.

Lavelle was not only my grandmother's name, it is also a family name. Eva Lavelle Curd was a daughter, mother and a huge role model and inspiration in my life starting at a young age. She wanted each of her grandchildren to know the basics of how to sew on a button and darn a sock. I remember we would spend hours sewing little doll clothes for the neighborhood kids and it was then I learned how to be patient and to take my time. When I was in nursing school and things got really hard I turned to my grandmother for words of wisdom. She would tell me that I needed to find my outlet to express myself. It was then I started creating my own clothing by re-purposing something vintage and making it new. I finally had a break through and decided that design was what was calling me- it just took me some time to figure it out. I moved home after that semester to pursue a career in design and graduated with a fashion degree in menswear. My fondest memory of her is during finals week my senior year in college. My grandmother and I stayed up many late nights talking and laughing as she helped me with my final collection. There were so many times we got frustrated with something or had breakthroughs on how to make a garment better. I remember it like it was yesterday. She stuck by me the whole time and helped me complete my first menswear collection in time to show it in front of the whole school and the community. It was one of the most precious times that i had with her before she past away that following year. Eva Lavelle inspired me to be strong and to follow my heart always. With her love and guidance, I launched my first menswear collection, Garic Stephens in 2008. 

Lavelle Denim Today

Being in the custom clothing industry,  I have learned how to be patient and pay attention to the details of every project. It's important to me that I offer a service that is both personal and worth your time and mine as well. I want you to be happy and completely satisfied when you leave with your garment. 

I pride myself on my attention to detail, manufacturing local, creating jobs and supporting something that is sustainable and that will last a lifetime. Lavelle Denim is an American made product using textiles,YKK zippers and closures that are produced in the USA.  I stand behind my handmade American products. By choosing to keep my fabrics and manufacturing resourced in the United States jobs continue to be created and available for the American worker.

Lavelle's Legacy

Although I can never repay my grandmother for all of the love and wisdom that she gave me during her time here, the Lavelle Label is my tribute to her, a beautiful soul and one of my best friends.